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Now Only RM45 / pack of 90 tablets

100% SAFE & Natural

Only 3-6 tablets per day to sexier legs

Authentic from JAPAN 

Lose inches the easy way!
Slim down the JAPANESE WAY!

Recommended for those who have high water retention
See results in 3 days~

The elements of Leg Panic SOS:[Retrofractum] [Red peppers][Kintoki ginger] [Eucommia ulmoides tea] 
& MORE[Meri Rohto][Ginkgo leaves] [Angelica keiskei] - RIch Source of dietary fibre!!!~
Including 13 kinds of flavonoid and a special ginkgolide. 

Helps in relieving water retention for beautiful Slim legs
Natural Food all natural ingredients so do not worry about side effects
-NO more elephant legs.
-Have legs as slim as model
-reduces leg swelling
-It is combined with Kintoki Ginger extracts, Eucommia tea extracts, angelica and red pepper to support your legs
-Magnesium in the supplement is good for removing fats

Capacities: 22.5g (250mg x 90 tablets)

Rich in vitamin B6 and functional health nutrition.

Guaranteed authentic Made in Japan, no side effects, specific effects vary from different person body absorption.

The following analysis of the various components and the four major principles:

Containing piperine and capsaicin cream to promote energy metabolism and leg blood circulation, have a strong role in burning fat and sweat action.

Fat Burning:
Contains natural plant ginger, dilation of blood vessels to promote good blood circulation, four times stronger than ordinary ginger. Contains Eucommia extract improves vascular elasticity, strengthen the liver function and more effectively achieve fat burning. 

Leg swelling:
Leg fat cells mainly caused by excess water retention, causing swelling of the legs. Contains angelica promote blood and lymph circulation, providing a better body fat burning state, containing perennial grasses that place a significant excess water between cells and diminish leg swelling. Contain ginkgo bilboa to promote water metabolism, eliminate legs swelling.

Body detoxification:
With general detoxification effect. Containing magnesium oxide to improve lower part body blood circulation. And help discharge of intestinal backlog stool and improve the intestinal environment, reduce fat and achieve attractive legs shaping effect.

Directions: Take 3-6 tablets per day with warm water. Recommended after meals.

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