Snail Repair Solution

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Snail Repair Solution


Natural Snail Mucus Extract :
Makes the regeneration of the human skin possible. (Other dermatological products obtain allantoin synthetically by laboratory means.)
Add richness and softness to the skin.
3.Collagen & Elastin:
The main components of the skin’s connective tissue which over the years loses its elasticity.
Glycolic Acid:
Acts as a natural exfoliant, eliminating dead cells on the surface of the skin.


Benefits of Snail Repair Serum:

Keeps skin soft & helps heal troubled or acne skin
Helps regenerate damaged skin & prevent dryness
Brightens skin, soften wrinkles & treats fine lines
Softens scars and smoothes stretch marks
proves elasticity, firmness, density & texture of the skin

How to use:
Apply cream to clean skin twice a day - In the morning and at night before sleep
When applying to face, cleanse well before applying Snail Repair Solution


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