SK-2 / Skii / SKII Treatment Miniature Set

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  • SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser (20g)
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (10ml)
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (10ml)
  • SK-II Stempower (2.5g)



SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser (20g):
Product Details:
Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser cares for your skin while it cleanses. It contains Concentrated PiteraTM and Mild Treatment Essence that leaves your skin hydrated even 30 minutes after cleansing. Work up a fine-textured lather and enjoy its mild rose scent.

Texture Refinement, Firmness Power, Wrinkle Resilience, Radiance Enhancement, Spots Control
Application Guide:
Wet the face with lukewarm water, then put 2-3 cm of Cleanser on the palm and add small amount of water. Lather well to crate gentle cleansing foam. Spread the cream foam entire face with gentle stroke from lower to upper part of face. Take best care around the nose area. Rise of with lukewarm water.


SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (10ml):
Product Details:
Containing AHA, this wipe-off clarifying lotion gently removes dirt and dead skin cells to allow skin nourishment. Leaving skin clean, lively and perfectly conditioned.
Application Guide:
Soak a cotton pad with lotion and gently wipe over T-zone, followed by U-zone and neck. Avoid eye area.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (10ml):
Product Details:
With More than 90% Pitera , a unique ingredient enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that closely match your skin, SK II Facial Treatment Essence is necessary for radiant healthy-looking skin. Women all over the world affectionately call it their "Miracle Water" for bringing back their skin to its optimum condition in only 28 days*.
Application Guide:
Use twice daily, morning and night. After cleansing, gently pat face and neck using a cotton pad soaked with Facial Treatment Essence. Suitable to use it on the eyes area.


SK-II Stempower (2.5g):
Product Details:
Formulated with the revolutionary Stem-Acanax Complex that penetrates deep to improve skin texture. Pores to be less visible in 1 day. Improves radical firmness in 10 days.
Benefits :Texture Refinement, Firmness Power, Wrinkle Resilience
Application Guide:
After applying clear lotion and essence, take an appropriate amount of cream (about 1cm) with spatula onto palm. Apply on forehead, cheeks and chin and gently spread all over the face.

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